Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roots of the gameplay

Hello guys,

sorry I didn't post for a week now, but I had some free-time-stress ;-)

Last time I told you a little bit about Minecraft and its developing process... today I'm going to tell you how the gameplay looked like at the beginning:

At the beginning Minecraft just had some "core-blocks" like wood, earth, stone, and so on. All you could do was fly around and put some blocks on each other to build some buildings. You didn't have a limit of blocks, so you didn't have any motivation to dig your way underneath your world.
But that was in the past.

Today Minecraft is about surviving... and that is not a metaphor.

Craft 'ya next time



  1. Last time I heard about Minecraft was like... 3 years ago, when I first tried it. Now... I kind of feel like playing it again :D

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  2. heh i had played only when i am bore still is good to pass time XD so is worth the time on it

  3. Yea, things have changed. But for the better in my oppinion